Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Welcome to the inaugural blog for Frog Hollow Farm's Happy Child CSA. To get things off on the right foot, we know many of you already buy Frog Hollow Farm Fruit at farmers' markets. But our Happy Child CSA differs from the farmers' market in that you can get locally grown and produced farm products delivered year-round to your home (or local drop off point) even in the dead of winter. OK, you can't get our peaches in January, but we've teamed up with many local farmers to also bring you avocados, citrus, and much much more. How does it work?
  • We deliver weekly boxes or 1/2 boxes to a pick-up spot in your neighborhood. Usually, the amount of fruit in a delivery will supplement a family of four's requirement for a week.

  • There are never any obligations. You pick your schedule: weekly or every-other-week. Going on vacation? No problem, we will put your delivery on hold until you return.

  • Weekly newsletters--now including this blog--inform you of farm news, recipes, varietal notes, storage and handling recommendations and more.

  • Visits to your neighborhood by Farmer Al and other members of the Frog Hollow family. Invitations to visit the farm for in-depth farm tours by Farmer Al, potlucks, "tastings," guest speakers, and Harvest Celebrations featuring great chefs from around the Bay!

  • Year round supplies of fruit that we may not grow ourselves but get from other local, organic growers we know...e.g., Great, incredibly sweet Valencia oranges, or navels, or rare antique apple varieties, kiwi, cherimoyas, sapotes, avocados & the list goes on...

  • We make payment easy too! We take checks, Visa, MC, American Express. For your convenience, you can arrange an automatic payment through us. Order Here.

  • Please join the entire Frog Hollow Farm family- a vibrant community of farmers, farm workers, and people like you who eat the fruits of our labor - to form a powerful force creating a new vision for food and farming here in California and beyond...

  • In Good Health,

    The Folks at Frog Hollow Farm


Anonymous said...

Just read this blog, Mike.

good job! Fruit update: Pomegranites look stunning:Hanging heavy and crimson on bended branches. Persimmons will color up soon with these cold nights we're now having.And our olives will be ready to harvest in about 2 weeks. The 400-plus trees (all Tuscan varieties) should give us about 200 gallons of oil! Cheers and bon gusto. Farmer Al

Mike B said...

cin cin, amigo!

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