Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winter Even Comes to California

The past 2 days at the farm have been shrouded in fog: the kind of fog often called "tule" fog in the Great Valley. It seems to be localized so that within 15 minutes drive, or less, it is sunny and clear and cool like Indian summer. But here, we are hunkered down working in the orchard, kitchen and offices.

It's a welcome respite to go into the kitchen at this time of year. The smells are heavenly. There is activity beyond imagination with pears being poached and canned, pastries being created, cookies and granola being baked and a multitude of packages being put into beautiful boxes for the holidays and sent to all corners of the country. It's wonderful for me to imagine faces of recipients when they open their little boxes of Brentwood sunshine in the midst of a snowy day.

I love the way the cookies look that are baked in our kitchen. These are definitely not mass produced, machine- made cookies. Only their taste exceeds their wonderful aroma. One cold day last week, Jose brought me a freshly baked peanut butter and jam sandwich cookie: warm from the oven with the jam oozy and delicious. I'd been dying to try one, since they sounded so yummy. I was not disappointed.

Life on the farm is great, even on cold foggy days!

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Stephanie J. Rosenbaum said...

What a beautiful post! Makes me want one of those delicious warm cookies right now....

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