Monday, December 29, 2008

Mediterranean Climate

Here in California, we live in what is commonly called a Mediterranean climate. It is also known as the dry summer subtropical climate, but Mediterranean is shorter and more evocative. What this all means is that we have dry, warm summers and cool, wet winters. Our hillsides turn golden brown in the summer and lush green in the winter. Wendy MaHarry refers to the summer hills "like lions lying down" and that is a perfect description.

Now, however, we are getting into the wet season and the hills are turning green. The cattle grazing on the hillsides look muddy but fat and everything seems to be flourishing. How odd, then, that the majority of our trees have no leaves or fruit. We have some citrus trees that are dark green with eye-popping colors of orbs hanging on and our silvery olive trees still have their lovely soft leaves. But our stone fruit trees are brown-- stick-like --dormant. This morning coming to the farm, there were wisps of ground fog between the dormant trees, creating an eerie look.

Now, however, the sun is out and it is cool. No sign of rain....or spooks.

Oil painting"Clouds Over Diablo" byEunice Kritscher featured atWalnut Creek's Valley Art Gallery

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