Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cookies, Granola, and Jams..Oh My!

We know that many of our Happy Child CSA members have been Frog Hollow Farm supporters for years. Of course, you know all about the fresh organic fruit delivered to you each week throughout the season. What you may not know is that Frog Hollow Farm also produces a delectable menu of goodies right here on the farm. Until recently, these items have been only available on line, at select farmers markets, and at our shop in San Francisco’s Ferry Building—now we’d like to share them with you through the Happy Child CSA*.

Each week, beginning this week, we're including a sampling of Becky Courchesne’s kitchen creations in each CSA share box. We'll do this throughout the season for as long as we can. In each share box, you’ll find an order form that can be used to order larger quantities of these and other items for delivery with your next CSA share. (For those of you not already CSA members, please call or email us and we'll get you set up. Please visit our listing at Local Harvest for more detail and an explanation of where we currently have CSA host sites.) We’ll limit available items to the sample products and a few others that we think you’d like to try. In the near future, you’ll be able to order any additional CSA items on-line, but for now please use the enclosed form—and by all means call with any questions or to special order items (such as our incredible pastries).

Frog Hollow Farm is dedicated to being fresh and new in all areas of our farm. As a “partner” in Frog Hollow Farm’s success, we hope you’ll choose to order a full range of our products in addition to the “can’t live without” fresh fruit you get each week. The selections will change throughout the season (as many of the goodies are made with seasonal fruit)—though many will remain throughout. As we go along, hopefully you’ll tell us what you like, what you don’t, and maybe even give us new product or recipe ideas.

Feel free to call or email us at any time with questions about our products, or to just chat.

Organically Yours,

Farmer Al, Becky,

& the Frog Hollow Farm Team



Ph: 925 634 2845 x203

FAX: 925 516 2332

* What's a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. At Frog Hollow Farm our Happy Child CSA is a program that anyone can join and receive a box of our organic farm fresh fruit weekly year-round, or just during peak season. CSA is a way for our customers to support us and in vest in the future of local farming.

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