Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Everyday is CSA Day!

What's CSA, you ask? CSA is Community Supported Agriculture and is a not-so-new-but-gaining-in-popularity consumer movement that's changing how people buy their food, meet their farmer, and protect the Earth. Yesterday, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. In addition to all of the obvious changes that occurred yesterday, one of the biggest was a massive shift in how politics in this country will be conducted, not just for the next 4-8 years, but for eternity. There's no going back. Absolutely, there are going to be those that would rather wallow in the same kind of "business as usual" politics we've been (with little exception) forced to endure since President Eisenhower milled about the West Wing. That's a long time folks! But with the election and swearing in of Obama, we officially shift our political thinking not to the left or right, but forward. We need to make 2009 the year where we do the same with our food and farms.

Despite the issues with the economy that are forcing people to make short-term, often drastic, changes to their purchasing patterns, people still need to eat. And as our political winds blow sweet and refreshing, so are the winds of how people eat. Farmers Markets, CSAs, organic, local, biodynamic...whatever. People are willing more than ever to make changes elsewhere in their budget before they make changes in how they buy food. People are done and over with the bad food we've been forced to eat since, well, Eisenhower was president. The Industrial Age of Food is Over (almost anyway). And as Obama's administration brings this misguided ship we call the US hard about, so will the American people change our food systems. There'll be more food grown on a farm near you, by a farmer you know, and in a way that doesn't squander anymore environmental capital for our future generations than in anytime in the last 70 years or so.

Make a difference America! Join a CSA, find a Farmers Market, meet your farmer--reject industrial food at all costs. Beginning today! Your country's farmers need you!

PS we'd absolutely be tickled pink if you'd consider joining Frog Hollow Farm's Happy Child CSA. We have numerous CSA sites around the Bay area, plus we ship almost everywhere in the US. But even if you choose to not join our CSA, please join a CSA near you. For information on finding a CSA near you, please visit the Local Harvest web site.

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